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Ask a 3D Pro

Our new Ask a 3D Pro feature allows you to ask your questions directly to a 3DTV professional from popular electronics manufacturers and publishing partners.

If you have a 3DTV questions aching to be answered, don't wait! Send your question to the 3D Pros today and keep an eye out for answers in the Ask a 3D Pro column!

Submit your question to the 3D Pros!

Tips to get the most out of our 3D Pros:

  • If asking a question about a particular product, try to include as much information as you can, like the brand name and model number. Remember, the more specific you are, the more likely your question will be answered.
  • Questions asking for help troubleshooting 3D devices will be considered, but these questions often require a lot of two-way dialogue to resolve. These questions would be better posted in the Explore3DTV Community Forums.
  • To check and see if your question has been responded to by a 3D Pro, check the recent postings to the Ask a 3D Pro column. NOTE: Your question will not be answered via email or the private message system.
  • Please take the time to browse and search the site before submitting your question.
  • Though our 3D Pros will try their best to respond to as many questions as possible, only select questions will be answered.


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