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November 20, 2012 09:52 PM

Categories: 3D Glasses

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Joined: 11/20/2012

Own strength so we pretend does not support, down to the next one, gave Bland a turn space, who knows this fool really fooled, and then what happened, we all know, arm bonnet face large cap, nike nfl jerseys,followed by Madison next time so he took the basketball to start the next fast break, how the other players on defense down yet? McGrady is a simple split button to open the Cavaliers first wave of attacks! The opening was sealed after the dunk, for 76 people, after the game is not good to hit myself. Fortunately, 76 of the next ball successfully scored, the main thing Bland at this point, but this time he is not turned hook, but half basket after a turn, so the ball stare Hickson some anti does not go out, and the other cast feel very smooth, very accurate basketball hit to help the 76ers tied the score, but then the side sheets empty hair Biao. Just opening on both sides add up to a third of the ball, dribble directly over a half empty before Zhu a Huo Ledi, dry pull-third basketball like cruise missiles, in general, very accurate direct hit the inside of the basket into the basket among bomb. So dry pull-thirds empty recently has become his trademark one-third of moves, of course, in a genuine team inside dry the pull-third to be outdone, Judy a Max only one meter ninety-three this height hit Madison, in addition to being violent, really not a good idea, in the audience cheer, McGrady also to play sub a pull-third. Recently found empty McGrady has touched the threshold of 90, <a href="http://www.nfljerseyselite.com">nike nfl jerseys</a>,it is estimated that after this round of the playoffs, McGrady should officially break again return to the ranks of 90, just as it is now so that the ball. McGrady back 90 + after, his dry pull will be more than it is now no solution, basketball is like along the ballistic empty just in general, and also hit the inside of the basket after ejection network Cavaliers open dwarf hit to a 8-2 start. Is the team coach, Doug a Corinthian see such a situation, but also have some doubt, immediately called timeout. 76 side the need for good adjustments, but the 76 side conditioning how empty they do not know, anyway Cavaliers side has started to adjust, JJ Hickson was replaced, while Jamison again debut appear in court. Brand threat is not so big, Coach Purses outlet,let Jamison attack on the play and he hit it! This is the idea of Byron-Scott, his thoughts after the game proved to be very correct decision "...... Jamison really did not let his disappointment. Six hundred and eighth chapters: the first battle victory Six hundred and eighth chapters: the first battle victory Jamison play immediately will have the effect of, Cavaliers already very smooth attack, once again raised a notch. Although good - Hickson's potential and talent, but at least now there is no way and Jamison. Jamison, after all, 35 years old, I guess we hit a few years, after the Cavaliers inside chances also rely Hickson because now Hickson playing is not too small, Jamison play After you hit the perimeter one-third, like Bland hit Hickson, the Hick Senfang not out, Bland also does not go out prevention. Jamison's offensive range throughout the three-point line, nfl jerseys authentic,where he shot more comfortable scoring rate is relatively high, empty is very clear, so only in Jamison just play with a back pass, so Jia Jamison hit the field his first ball, and this is just the beginning, 76 people here now obvious that some do not know how to do. Gerrard - Wallace and Iguodala can be said in defense similar, because both are defensive muscle small forward. Even if the two people to face James as bulldozers, they do not fear but Iguodala is significantly larger than Gerrard depressed multi Cavaliers here is not counting on Gerrard to attack, he occasionally grab a rebound , to concentrate on the defensive just fine. Like Marion of the Mavericks, when you feel hot, I'll give you the ball, fight itself is OK to feel bad when you on the defensive and do not need to go to non-offensive, the Cavaliers offensive absolute than the Mavericks. 76ers to die of a total of three offensive points, the first point is an offensive inside of Elton Brand, the second attack point Iguodala, the third attack point originally Louis - Williams , but has now become a Zhu - Huo Ledi. The offensive point substitute the sixth man Thaddeus - Young, Regardless bench lineup inside, Zhu - Huo Ledi hit empty misfiring Iguodala hit Steven Gerrard also misfiring only Brand, and now he faced Jamison, obviously not in the state, Jamison's bounce is not very high, originally put to him is to attack. Bland face of Jamison actually could not find the basket, Elite nfl jerseys,a turn around jumper turned out to vote in a three nonstick. Milicic fend off a Spencer - Spencer Hawes basketball so the bottom line, the Cavaliers backcourt ball, issued to the ball after the Cavaliers also everything we take the initiative to begin a strong offensive Zhang dunk after empty breakthrough Zhu - Huo Ledi, Zhang empty passed McGrady, the latter hit in the cast, Jamison shot Milicic grab before the market rebounds after dunks succeeded empty breakthrough within the pass handed Jamison, who wore Brand hit a layup, the Cavaliers in the first quarter like show himself strong offensive capability, the first section of the end of the game when the Cavs leading 37-26 the other whole first section H under the first section of the hit rate of 72.4%, little no ball into.

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