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March 8, 2011 05:02 PM

Categories: 3D Movies

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Ron Repking

Joined: 01/18/2010

It didn't occur to me until I saw a Netflix ad on this site, that I should be able to order a 3D movie from Netflix rather than dishing out the $30 for a movie.  However, going to their site, they do list a few 3D movies, but it doesn't look like they are actually available in 3D.

Has anyone been successful at actually getting a 3D movie from Netflix?  Does anyone know what Netflix's plans are for providing 3D movies?

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February 16, 2013 10:57 AM

we are Netflix BluRay DVD and streaming subscribers and we just sent 'Dredd' back after watching it on our Sharp 3D TV and 3D DVD player. THe DVD player picked up the #D version on the BluRay disk and we jumped all over it after charging up our Sharp 3D glasses. I'm not kidding! It was GREAT !!!

March 11, 2013 4:07 PM

Thanks! I checked it out in theaters and on Netflix for the extras as well. Thanks again for responding

May 25, 2013 10:29 PM

Warning..I rented Lionsgate's Texas Chainsaw from Netflix thinking it would be a 3d blu-ray like Dredd...it isn't...guess they bought the Canadian 2 disc version....(to avoid sending out expensive 3d discs?)

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June 27, 2013 4:54 PM

Hello SL,
two items of advice for you:
1) orders@3d-blurayrental.com is the email address of the outfit we ENJOY! the web address is obvious. They are the real deal. Best , if not ALL available 3D DVD's on the planet, list of rentals in 3D. We love them! I started out renting one at a time and have been on a 3 out at a time subscription for 4 months now. Love it! They communicate same day most of the time and next day otherwise. I trust them.

2)contact your credit card company regarding the other outfit (3rdparty.org). Dispute the sale (what you haven't gotten in return for charges). Yeah it'll take some time and you'll have to provide a written detailed description of the sale but you'll get your money back in time. I tried that guy as well and used a card that I seldom use and it made it really easy to make get my funds back and it happened rather quickly. He wasn't pleased! Poor selection compared to 3d-blurayrental.com.

If you go with 3d-blurayrental.com you'll be thrilled and contact me and I'll send you a current Excel spreadsheet I keep of the 3D available list (they are a small outfit but they do it right (much better than Netflix in every way) and I'll even clue you in on how to get in the 'que' they don't have. Using the spreadsheet has made it a lot easier to keep track of what we've seen and not seen. Lists all 206 they currently have and I keep it updated.

as for Netflix 3D not all the titles you might think may be similar to 'Dredd' it was a one off for us. They do have them and I've got a list and that list usually has 'short wait' next to it.

Last but not least. The two older 3D movies at 3d-blurayrental.com (Dial M for Murder and Creature from the Dark Lagoon (50's movies) will HURT YOUR HEAD through the eyes! Don't go there and avoid them! Jurassic Park isn't too bad but effected me but not the wonderful wife.
Hope this helps!!

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