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ATSC Working on 3D Broadcast Standard

Many consumer electronic and broadcast industry analysts have speculated over the past couple of years that a major hurdle that has impeded the adoption of 3D video is its lack of standards.

Looking to address this problem the Advanced Television Systems Committe Inc. (ATSC) is developing a standard for the broadcast of 3D that will provide the broadcast television community with protocols for the transmission of 3D for fixed and mobile devices.  "The addition of 3D TV over-the-air TV broadcast transmission is part of our ongoing effort to expand the capabilities of the ATSC suite of digital television standards," explains Mark Richer, president of the ATSC.

The ATSC says once the standard is in place it will cover these broadcast scenarios:

  • 3D content delivered on one ATSC terrestrial channel to fixed receivers with delivery of both views (left and right) in real time.
  • 3D content delviered on one ATSC terrestrial channel to mobile/handheld receivers, and 3D programs within the same channel while ensuring backwards compatibility.
  • 3D content delivered in non-real time.

Richer says the addition of a 3D standard to the DTV (digital television) umbrella will drive new broadcast services while preserving the integrity of legacy television receivers.

The organization's efforts will be led by Dr. Youngkwon Lim who will be representing the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) in Daejon, South Korea.

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