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Hitachi ends Domestic TV Production; Shows iPad Controlled 3D TV

Between a slowing global economy and fierce market competition television manufacturers have had to reassess their position in the world of consumer video.

A report from the electronics industry blog RapidTVnews.com says that Hitachi recently announced that it would cease domestic (Japan) production of flat-panel televisions in favor of using outsourced products.  In addition, the blog states that Hitachi has also introduced six new flat-panel TV models, including the 50-inch P50-GP08, which it says supports iPad/iPhone control, and includes a number of other features.

Highlighting some of the other features bundled into the 3D TV include the ability to preview a channel before actually switching channels, and the ability to stream a previously recorded show that resides on the TV's 500GB hard drive when used with an iPad or home network.

RapidTVnews.com says an app called Wooo Remote drives the iPad control and streaming functionality, and some of the other features of the 1080p TV include five TV tuners, four HDMI ports, a motion sensor that automatically turns the TV off when a user leaves the room and a claimed contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1.

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