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Panasonic, CBS & USTA Team to Cover U.S. Open

Next to Wimbledon, the most prestigious tournament in the sport of tennis is the U.S. Open.

On Aug. 22 the United States Tennis Association (USTA) announced that the consumer electronics manufacturer Panasonic will work with CBS Sports to broadcast its annual U.S. Open Tennis Championships in 3D for the second consecutive year. "Working with our partners CBS Sports and Panasonic we once again expect to be a leader in presenting our sports to fans in breathtaking new ways," says Harlan Stone, chief business and communications officer, USTA. "Last year we saw the impressive production values for 3D television and now by including Louis Armstrong Stadium and expanding our distribution, we are bringing this innovative new look to the sports to more people than ever before."

CBS Sports will host and produce both the 2D and 3D broadcasts of the event which will take place from Arthur Ashe Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium in New York City during the weekend of Sept. 9-11.

The 2010 U.S. Open broadcast, which was the first worldwide broadcast of a major tennis event won an Emmy Award for technical achievement, and this year's broadcast will include 3D-specific positions that are designed to produce the best 3D perspective. CBS will capture the tennis action through the use of a pre-production model of Panasonic's new 3DP1  Full HD 3D camcorder and the overall court coverage will be based on 3D broadcast camera rigs designed by the Cameron Pace Group. "As we saw from last year, there may be no better sport to braodcast in 3D than tennis," claims Harold Byrant, executive producer & vice president, production CBS Sports. "With our additional cameras and enhanced camera positions, including low, court-level positions, viewers will feel like they're actually on the court with some of the world's greatest players. CBS Sports is once again looking forward to using this groundbreaking technology during our coverage of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships. This year as action and play dictate, we will also have the ability to cover the matches from Louis Armstrong Stadium in 3D."

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