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The (Post) Friday 5: Blade Runner, James Cameron Speaks Again, and More

We dropped the ball last week! Our Friday 5 is a few days late. However, we've been too busy basking in the glow of a good week for 3D. Just because we're a little late doesn't mean you should miss out on these five 3D-themed stories. See what the web has been buzzing about...

James Bond Speaks. Daniel Craig says (via Contactmusic) that he's happy that "Cowboys & Aliens" was not in 3D. Wait, wasn't that movie a massive flop?

New Blade Runner! Director Ridley Scott will revisit Philip K. D!ck (yes, our system blurs out that name) and one of our favorite sci-fi films, "Blade Runner." According to MarketSaw, the upcoming film will be a 3D follow-up to the 1982 classic.

Must-See PlayStation TV. Ubergizmo says that the new PlayStation TV will hit Europe this fall.

He's a Talker. James Cameron is out talking up 3D again -- and we do love him for that. Check out 3D TV to see what the director has to say about ticket prices, light levels, and fans of the technology.

You Takin' to Me? Acclaimed director Martin Scorcese says (via The Wall Street Journal) that "Mean Streets," "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull" could have benefited from 3D technology. What do you think?

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