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Are VIZIO 3D Sales Claims Legit?

Maybe actions speak louder than words when evaluating statements from the California-based electronics manufacturer VIZIO.

Recently the company announced three new lines of 3D TVs that are expected to hit the market between July and November. In conjunction with the announcement of these new televisions VIZIO says that it has experienced an increase in sales of its 3D TV products."Meeting VIZIO's brand promise of providing 'Entertainment Freedom for All,' is the driving force behind all of our sales successes. The spread of our Theater 3D models now goes well beyond early adopters and has made 3D a feature that friends and family can finally enjoy watching together," asserts Randy Waynick, chief sales officer, VIZIO. "And it's not only Theater 3D TVs that are flying off the shelves, it's our connected TVs with VIZIO Internet Apps and our lineup of sound bars and Blu-ray players. Consumers want connectivity, energy efficiency, value and the best technology ... VIZIO delivers on every single one of these."

Many companies make claims about its products, but it appears that VIZIO is legitimately experiencing robust sales of its 3D products. Analyzing the statements from a pure business perspective; if its sales weren't strong why would it risk the financial impact of launching three product lines into a floundering product category? 

The sales figures could be the result of consumers purchasing VIZIO's top-of-the-line HDTVs, which happen to include 3D technologies.

In its press statement announcing its 2011 products VIZIO points out that data collected by DisplaySearch indicates that VIZIO is the leader in units shipped during the first quarter (Q1) of 2011 with a marketshare of just over 21 percent. In addition, DisplaySearch finds that VIZIO was also the Q1 leader in LED TV unit shipments with a marketshare of 29 percent.

Validating DisplaySearch's data is a study done by Quixel Research that finds that VIZIO owns four out of the top five best selling TVs in the market with Samsung's UN46C6300 46-inch HDTV placing fourth.

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