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Oakley Releasing Transformers 3D Glasses

After a strong start, the interest in 3D movies has fallen off. Many 3D format supporters, including Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation, are proclaiming however, the upcoming Transformers movie---Transformers: Dark of the Moon---will reignite consumer interest in 3D.

Oakley, the fashion eyewear manufacturer that's been associated with many professional baseball players over the years has entered the 3D glasses category and its new 3D glasses are designed to tie into the promotion of the latest Transformers movie.

The Southern California-based eyewear company's new Oakley 3D Gascan Transformers Limited Edition glasses are said to offer 3D consumers the highest levels of performance. "We are honored to team up with Paramount Pictures and Hasbro to offer this unique limited edition 3D eyewear," says Oakley CEO Colin Baden. "This film will push the envelope of 3D entertainment. With all the technology and talent that went into its creation, it deserves nothing less than the world's best 3D glasses, and the innovations of Oakley 3D Gascan represent the state-of-the-art. Our goal was to set the standard for optical performance in 3D, and we achieved it. Customers lucky enough to get their hands on this limited edition will have a rare collectible to commemorate a mind-blowing cinematic experience."

Oakley says the glasses are decorated with graphics that are inspired by the movie, which is scheduled to open on June 29, and the glasses have earned RealD certification, which means they are compatible with RealD's popular 3D technologies.

The glasses also incorporate Oakley's HDO 3D technology that are said to provide the user with a wider field of view while eliminating glare and reflections.

Oakley says the glasses are available at the company's Oakley stores, as well as other retailers that include Amazon.com, Sunglasshut.com and Zappos.com.

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