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ViewSonic Releases VP3D1 3D Adapter for 3D-Ready DLP Projectors

While not the first to deliver a 3D adapter that makes Blu-Ray 3D and any other HDMI 1.4 required 3D device compatible with older DLP-Link 3D capable products (like Mitsubishi's 3DC-100S), although ViewSonic's entry is certainly more affordable than most... depending on how you look at it.

As far as VP3D1 itself goes, it's a pretty straightforward device; two HDMI 1.4 inputs, one HDMI 1.3 out, and a USB port for firmware updates (if any). It will accept top-bottom, side-by-side, and frame stacking 3D formats at various resolutions (including PC resolutions) and convert the signal to a DLP-Link friendly 720p format.

The VP3D1 will automatically detect 3D Blu-Ray formats over HDMI 1.4, but SBS (side-by-side) 3D modes may need to be manually activated.

$299 MSRP is certainly more affordable than Mitsubishi's offering, but ViewSonic's adapter comes sans glasses. They'll sell them to you, but for $109 a crack. Thankfully, you can pair this with just about any DLP-Link glasses kit from a variety of third parties, making this package very flexible for the user.

Full press release below:

ViewSonic Delivers Solution for 3D HD Content on DLP Projectors

VP3D1 Converter Box Lets 3D Ready Projectors Show 3D Consumer Content

WALNUT, CA--(Marketwire - May 9, 2011) - ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, expanded its projection offerings today with its new VP3D1 3D HD Video Box.

Previewed at CES 2011, this 3D HD video converter box offers consumers a cost-effective home entertainment solution for viewing their favorite 3D Blu-ray, PlayStation3 3D games, 3D TV broadcasts and other Full HD 1080p 3D content on their current home theater projector. From 3D HD movies to games, the 1080p video signal is automatically converted so consumers can enjoy Full HD content on any 3D Ready DLP projector with an HDMI connection. The VP3D1's dual HDMI 1.4A inputs and v1.3 output connection ensure connectivity with today's latest 3D media players.

"The possibilities and breadth of home entertainment are expanding rapidly," said Roger Chien, projector product manager, ViewSonic. "Our VP3D1 3D HD Video Box, converts the video signal effortlessly for an out of the box exceptional entertainment experience, using customers' current projectors."

Compatible ViewSonic projector models include the Pro8450w, Pro8500, PJD6251 and PJD6531w; however, the VP3D1 supports any 3D Ready DLP projector with an HDMI connection to ensure maximum market flexibility. The VP3D1 is now available for an ESP of $299.

For more information on ViewSonic's products, please visit ViewSonic.com or follow ViewSonic on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

About ViewSonic
ViewSonic® Corporation is a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions. ViewSonic develops, markets and supports a broad range of innovative products, including tablets, LED TVs, computers, LED monitors, projectors, digital photo frames, digital signage displays, 3D devices and digital media players. For further information, please contact ViewSonic Corporation at 800.888.8583 or 909.444.8888; or visit ViewSonic.com.

ViewSonic's Finch Club offers resellers an opportunity to benefit from specialized product training and discounts. To sign up, please visit FinchClub.com.

Trademark footnote:All corporate names and trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

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