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DP brings 3D to Pacific Design Center

As curious as the public has been about what's going on with the influx of new 3D technologies into the consumer electronics market, the professionals in Hollywood have been just as curious as to how these technologies will affect their profession.

Helping to bridge this educational gap is the projector manufacturer Digital Projection (DP), which has been simultaneously educating the consumer and commercial cinema markets through its dealer network and participation in various trade events.

The Atlanta-based manufacturer's latest educational effort targets the pro sector of the 3D market and it involves system demonstrations at the Pacific Design Center's WESTWEEK 2011 show. The show is scheduled for the week of March 23-24 and it will host more than 70 showroom presentations. In its demonstrations DP will be showing its TITAN Reference 1080p-3D projector in a home theater that also includes a control and automation system from Crestron Electronics and a full surround sound system from Steinway Lyngdorf.

WESTWEEK is the Pacific Design Center's largest industry event and it offers attendees keynote lectures, showroom programs and book signings. DP will be conducting its system demonstrations in room G280, which is an eight-seat, state-of-the-art screening room that's located on the second floor of the Green Building.

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