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CEA Developing Active 3D Glasses Standard

With the 3D home video market's growth showing no signs of slowing down, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is stepping up to provide the public with some baseline technology performance parameters.

Recently the trade association launched its Active Eyewear Standard IR Sync Interface CEA R4 WG16 working group, which will examine the viability of a singular active 3D glasses standard.

The CEA and its members formed this group to provide the public with a standards-based universal active 3D glasses standard that eliminates the current interoperability problems that exist between the different eyewear products on the market.

Outlining its list of priorities the group will examine these user scenarios as part of its development and evaluational process:

  • The technology must work in an environment in which other IR-based devices are present
  • The standard must allow users to switch back and forth from 2D to 3D content without incident
  • Users must be able to switch from one 3D program to another 3D program with the glasses able to quickly resyncronize with the newly selected content
  • Two viewers must be able watch two separate 2D programs using a 3D TV's Dual View Mode with their 3D eyewear

The CEA adds that as part of its testing process it will look at operational conditions such as light source interference tests to see how reliable the IR technologies are in environments with daylight, incandescent and fluorescent lighting, and dimmed LCD backlighting.

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