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Engadget Editor eyes on with Toshiba 4K glasses free 3DTV, walks away unimpressed

Ben Drawbaugh, fellow 3D Enthusiast and Editor for Engadget HD, got a chance to take a sneak peek at Toshiba's prototype 4k glasses-free TV.

We'll let you hit up his post for his full comments, but suffice it to say, he walked away relatively unimpressed after a demo in 3D mode (which isn't 4k) from its three viewing positions.

Hopefully we'll get an Explore3DTV or EH staffer to take a closer look before the show ends, but for now, check out Engadget HD for Ben's take.

Update: And what do you know? EH's Grant Clauser's just put up a big writeup on this set with his impressions right here at Explore3DTV.

(image courtesy Engadget HD)

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