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Study finds 60% of Consumers not interested in 3D

Throughout 2010 3D has been the talk of the town when it concerns consumer electronics.

A recent study from Retrevo indicates however that 3D is more hype than substance.

According to the research firm's Gadgetology Report study in which it asked more than 1,000 online consumers about today's topical technologies, 60 percent responded by saying they had no plans to purchase a 3D HDTV within the next year.

Retrevo also adds that just 3 percent of those asked said they were planning on buying a 3D HDTV this holiday season. 

The broad consumer electronics study asked consumers about a variety of products and technologies that ranged from computer operating systems and Apple, Inc., to streaming media and e-readers during the week of Oct. 22--Oct. 28.

Breaking down the products and technologies into winners and losers, Retrevo's final results are as follows:


  1. Windows 7
  2. Apple iPhone and iPad
  3. Android smart phones
  4. Streaming movies and TV
  5. Kindle e-Book Reader


  1. 3DTV
  2. GPS Devices
  3. MP3 players
  4. Netbooks
  5. Android tablets

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