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NVIDIA Powers a Bigger 3D Experience

Despite 3D video's growing popularity in the home, it is still relatively scarce within the computing market. 

The new 3DTV Play software from the Santa Clara, Calif.-based technology company NVIDIA however will not only bolster the availability of 3D in the world of personal computing, it will also provide more options in the home.

With the new 3DTV Play software any compatible computer equipped with NVIDIA's GeForce GPU-powered hardware can connected to an HDMI 1.4 HDTV to allow users to view photos and videos, and to game in 3D on a large screen.

NVIDIA has already partnered with Dell to bundle the software into the computer maker's XPS laptop products. The XPS line includes NVIDIA GeForce 400M GPUs, NVIDIA's batter-saving Optimus technology, and the NVIDIA 3DTV Play comes in laptops with 14-, 15- and 17-inch screen sizes. "The new family of XPS systems provides the best sound and video ever offered in Dell laptops," boasts Sam Burd, vice president, Dell Consumer & SMB Product Group.

"And now with the addition of NVIDIA's 3DTV Play software, we can bring the thrilling 3D experience to an entirerly new market by enabling consumers to enjoy life-like, 3D entertainment in hte comfort of their living rooms."

In addition to being able to purchase the software pre-bundled in a new PC, NVIDIA says the software will also be available as a free download for all 3D Vision PCs via the latest 260 GeForce driver release for desktop GPUs and Verde Notebook drivers.

The company is also going to start selling the software on its web site in November as an upgrade for existing computers, which include NVIDIA GeForce GPU- and the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system-based products.

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