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Alice in Chains to Do 3D Concert

Tomorrow night's Alice in Chains concert at Seattle's Key Arena will be filmed in 3D.

Yes -- Alice in Chains. This is the same band that had some mega-hits in the '90s. It's also the same band whose lead singer, Layne Staley, died in 2002. So I think the bigger news might be: Alice in Chains still plays live.

William DuVall has replaced Staley and not only do they play live, but they have a Grammy-nominated single. Currently, the band is headlining the BLACKDIAMONDSKYE tour, which also features Deftones and Mastodon on the bill.

Apparently, they are also still breaking new ground, working with HDlogix on this 3D concert. Jeff Cronenweth is directing photography, while Tim Cronenweth will direct the actual movie.

"Having worked with Alice in Chains earlier this year, we are excited to join them in Seattle to produce a very special 3D concert," said Jim Spinella, CEO of HDlogix, in a statement.

Get ready to break out your 3D glasses and your flannel; when the film is completed, it will air in select 3D theaters before it gets released on Blu-ray 3D.

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