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Panasonic Shows Off BDXL 3D-Compatible DVRs

Panasonic is hoping you'll buy yet another Blu-ray player, but it's definitely going to be a tough sell.

The company is currently showing off six new players, which all fall under the BDXL umbrella. Panasonic says that the new format will hold 100GB on a single-sided Blu-ray. That sounds awesome, but also expensive.

Those new discs could mean a ton of Hollywood bloopers for your next Blu-ray purchase. However, Engadget says they also might not be compatible with the existing Blu-ray or DVD player in your house. Strike two, fellas.

If the increased storage sounds appealing, you'll also salivate at the fact that each of these has an internal hard drive, which will hold anywhere from 500GB to 2TB. That's an awful lot of "Bachelor" episodes at your disposal.

Of course, that's not the main purpose. Instead, I want to see what this means for 3D -- since three of the six http://panasonic.co.jp/corp/news/official.data/data.dir/jn100824-1/jn100824-1... target="_blank">new players support 3D playback.

Then again, it could mean a whole lot of nothing. These players will only be available in Japan, at least to start. They will start shipping on September 15.

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