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Theater 3D Glasses Aren't Very Sanitary

What's funkier: A hotel bedspread or 3D glasses?

Well, I can't technically answer that question, but I do know one thing: The one that goes on your face is not as sanitary as you would expect/hope.

Good Housekeeping recently tested glasses at seven 3D theaters in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area. Some were wrapped in plastic and others were not. It didn't really matter, though; not one of them was sterile.

Apparently, moviegoers might want to start packing alcohol and a cottonball next to that personal Milk Duds stash.

This also makes me rethink my whole rant about recycling your 3D glasses. If I take one pair, clean them in between uses and reuse them, at least I should only have my own germs to deal with, right?

While most of the glasses tested had "common" bacteria, one featured staphylococcus aureus, which is the most common cause of staph infections. It should be noted that this pair was not wrapped, which brings me to a whole other question...

Has anyone out there received 3D glasses at the theater that were not wrapped?

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