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Lion King gets Royal Treatment from Disney

With school set to begin in a short amount of time Disney is cranking up its fall movie and home video releases. Highlighting the media giant's plans is the re-release of the animated classic The Lion King.

Starting on September 16 the film will run for a limited two-week period in theaters, and on October 4, Disney Home Video will release a four-disc Combo Pack package of the movie that includes a 3D version.

The New Orleans Movie Examiner says that as part of the re-release of the movie Disney has reworked to movie to take advantage of 3D technologies, and it's released some advanced details of the work it has done to convert the movie to 3D. According to the website, Disney has added image layers and depth details that provide the visual elements necessary for a 3D movie.

In an advance screening for Disney/Pixar's Cars2, the website says the studio previewed the re-released film and it says the problems that plague some 3D films such as brightness and clarity were not an issue for

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75 Percent Went to See 'Final Destination' in 3D

The "Final Destination" cast was out trying to cheat Death for a fifth time this weekend. I know who didn't feel cheated -- New Line. The studio's investment in "Final Destination 5" certainly paid off, with the film snagging third place for the weekend and $18.4 million.

Even more shocking than the film's many deaths, however, is that Box Office Mojo says that 75 percent of the film's gross was from 3D.

Now, the last film was also released in 3D, with a bigger haul of $27.4 million. Also, this was below box office expectations. But c'mon, they told us that the last film was the last one. You can't expect to drag people back in so quickly, right?

Maybe word of mouth will build the film a future audience. "Final Destination 5" has a shocking 55-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

'20,000 Leagues' May Be 70 Percent CG

Late last year, we told you that director David Fincher ("The Social Network") was planning to adapt "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" for Disney and 3D audiences.

Now, Slash Film has a very interesting interview with Fincher, who says that the movie will be 70 percent CGI.

"I would love to to something like that," Fincher said. "I would love to do something probably more like 'Avatar' than 'Tintin.' I like the idea of something that is a little more… complicated. (chuckles) I love the idea of a 'cartoon', but I would like it to be sort of very, very dense. And, in fact, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea will be probably 70% CG. [...] I love motion capture and think it's only in its infancy, and eventually there won't be a difference between motion capture and acting. because that's all motion capture is, is being able to capture acting."

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Vuzix Wraps Up Wrap 3D Eyewear for $500

Vuzix, the company that's known for strapping a mini theater to your face, is now planning to strap a 3D theater to your face.

The company just announced Wrap 1200 Video Eyewear, a plug-and-play pair of glasses that packs in a 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen 3D display that is supposed to make you feel like you're viewing a 75-inch display from 10 feet.

Of course, it also supports 2D content -- and is a lot easier to pack into your travel bag.

"We spent over a year developing the Wrap 1200, ensuring it is one of the most advanced, feature rich video eyewear ever produced," said Paul Travers, Vuzix's CEO. "The combination of a 16:9 high resolution widescreen display along with our AccuTilt display angle technology provides our customers with an unmatched mobile viewing experience."

The AccuTilt technology that he's talking about means that users can adjust the eyewear 15 degrees up or down, to deliver the best viewing angle, as well as a customized fit. Other features include on-screen display controls, independent left and right eye focal adjustment and both component and composite video connections for superior video quality and maximum compatibility with devices including, game consoles, media players, phones, DVD players and tablets. (Boo on no HDMI!)

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Marchon3D Debuts 3D Glasses Vending Machine

Popcorn, check. Twizzlers (or Red Vines), check. 3D glasses? Check the vending machine. Marchon3D has just announced plans to offer its latest 3D eyewear line, the EX3D, via in-theater vending machines.

The self-service machines will be fully stocked with EX3D Eyewear, Marchon3D's line of patented, curved RealD 3D-compatible glasses. Just swipe your credit card, choose from the assortment of EX3D glasses, and enjoy the show. Prescription frame options will be available, as well as fashion, sport, casual and kids styles. The glasses will also come in various colors and shapes, for $22 to $30, with limited styles going for as much as $70.

Before you ask exactly who would purchase 3D glasses at the theater when you actually pay for that premium already, know that these glasses will also work on passive televisions, gaming systems and laptops. Of course, you can also save them for the next show.

"With dozens of 3D movies being released in the coming year, it makes sense to invest in a comfortable, well designed pair of glasses that will deliver a top-notch 3D movie experience," said Damon Rubio, VP of operations for

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HDI 3D Launches Laser Driven Projector Line

For the past few years the projection video industry has been diligently working on projection products that incorporate laser-based light engines.

Approximately a year ago Explore3DTV reported that N.H.-based Laser Light Engines was working on the development of this technology and it had partnered with IMAX to receive funding.

In the meantime however, Los Gatos, Calif.-based HDI 3D was also working on laser-based projection technologies and on Aug. 10 the company announced that it has begun to manufacture its line of laser-driven 2D/3D Switchable Dynamic Video Projectors. 

Using Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) display chips in conjunction with its laser technologies the company says its 3D projectors can produce 360 frames per second (fps) per eye with 1080p content, and that its' technologies deliver a color gamut potential up to 200 percent of NTSC specifications. 

HDI says the first pre-production run of 100, made in the USA "Cube" projectors will be available by Feb. 2012 and five other models will be made available in late 2012.

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'Harold & Kumar Christmas' Has a Trailer!

Last month, we got the first peek at "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D." Now, there's an actual trailer.

I was sort of wondering how they'd squeeze some 3D into a Harold and Kumar adventure. There appears to be an unbelievable amount of cheap in-your-face effects. In other words, it's going to be awesome. Take a peek below and see what you think.

Oh, and just in case you were looking for an actual synopsis, New Line has that covered: " After years of growing apart, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel have replaced each other with new friends and are preparing for their respective Yuletide celebrations. But when a mysterious package mistakenly arrives at Kumar's door on Christmas Eve, his attempt to redirect it to Harold's house ends with the 'high grade' contents -- and Harold's father-in-law's prize Christmas tree -- going up in smoke. With his in-laws out of the house for the day, Harold decides to cover his tracks, rather than come clean. Reluctantly embarking on another ill-advised journey with Kumar through New York City, their search for the perfect replacement tree takes them through party heaven -- and almost blows Christmas Eve sky high."

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Nintendo to Start Selling 'Flame Red' 3DS

If lower prices don't get you to buy a Nintendo 3DS, perhaps a new color will. At least that's what Nintendo is hoping, so they just announced a third color option for the handheld.

Soon you will be able to get your sweaty hands on a Flame Red version of the 3DS. The color option will start selling on September 9, the same day as the new "Star Fox 64" 3D game.

"Nintendo 3DS is poised to be on fire for the holidays, with its new suggested retail price, great games and our new Flame Red color," said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "With major upcoming releases in the Star Fox, Pokémon and Mario series, in addition to downloadable offerings from Nintendo eShop, Nintendo Video and Netflix, the system offers new and fun experiences to owners on a daily basis."

Options are certainly nice, but if anything is going to get more people to buy a new 3DS, it's savings. After all, who doesn't love being cheap? Nintendo's new $169.99 price for the 3DS pricing will go into effect on August 12, 2011.

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Disney Will Deliver 'John Carter' in IMAX 3D

In case you want "John Carter" to be more of an in-your-face experience, Disney just announced plans to release the upcoming sci-fi flick in IMAX 3D.

Based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, "John Carter" stars Taylor Kitsch, Willem Dafoe and Lynn Collins. Andrew Stanton ("Wall-E," "Finding Nemo") is directing. The film will be digitally re-mastered for IMAX.  

The film's main focus (obviously) is on former military captain John Carter, and his adventures on the war-torn planet of Barsoom (Mars).

"Audiences will immediately feel transported in the epic adventure of John Carter," said Dave Hollis, Disney's executive VP or Theatrical Exhibition Sales and Distribution. "Andrew Stanton has envisioned this vast landscape in a way that's not been seen before, and we're thrilled to be able to offer our viewers this film in the immersive IMAX 3D format."

Expect "John Carter" to hit 2D, 3D and IMAX theaters on March 9, 2012.

Price Drops Cause Dolby to Slump

Excluding oil companies such as Exxon and the technology giant Apple, most publicly traded companies have had a hard time on the stock market the past couple of years.

Dolby Laboratories, a corporation that specializes in entertainment technologies for the home and cinema is reporting that its fiscal third quarter (Q3) revenues and income dipped due to falling demand for its 3D products. 

The company's third quarter ended on July 1 and its earnings fell to $61.7 million or 55 cents a share. Dolby's 2010 Q3 earnings were $63.5 million or 55 cents a share, and overall its revenues dipped 5 percent or just over $11 million to $219 million for the quarter.

ABC news says that despite the falling numbers Dolby did do better than what analysts were predicting. Aside from the issues the company is having with 3D technologies, Dolby is reporting increased revenues for its licensed products. For the year

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Jane Lynch is NOT in the 'Glee' 3D Movie

Well this is sort of a surprise. It seems that one of the most popular "Glee" characters didn't make the cut for "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie."

Of course, Lea Michele is there. However, Jane Lynch is not. Granted, Lynch did not tour with the group live, but she has been featured in the commercials for the upcoming film.

According to the Gossip Cop, Lynch ended up on the cutting room floor. Not to worry, Gleeks. Those deleted scenes will be included in the upcoming DVD release.

To see what actually made it into the movie, check out "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie." The film will begin its limited, two-week engagement starting this Friday.

CE Giants Partner to Develop 3D Glasses

Normally any discussion of Sony, Panasonic and Samsung sounds like the consumer electronics equivalent of the NFL's AFC East division and the competitiveness between the Patriots, Jets and Dolphins.

Unlike the Patriots' Bill Belichick and the Jets' Rex Ryan who will likely never sit down and talk about their defensive philosophies over a few beers, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung are showing they can work together when it's necessary for the health of the industry.

Recently the three consumer electronics giants announced their collaboration with the 3D technology company Xpand 3D to develop a new standard for active 3D glasses.

The name of the joint effort is the "Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative" and together the four companies will develop and license radio frequency (RF) and active 3D glasses technologies. “Panasonic has been working to standardize 3D glasses technologies, and in March, we announced a joint licensing of IR system protocols with XPAND, backed by several participant companies. We are very pleased that today

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Watch Exclusive 'Mars Needs Moms' Clips

The universal flop "Mars Needs Moms" hits Blu-ray 3D today. Disney has given us a lot of love over the years, but this movie is like one big train wreck -- and yes, we just can't look away.

To date, the computer-animated sci-fi film has recouped about $39 million of its $150 million budget. It currently ranks 34 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

If that doesn't entice you to buy the film's 4-disc set, maybe these two exclusive clips will. The first shows actor Seth Green during the motion-capture process. Then, the second clip shows the end result of everyone's hard work.

The one interesting thing about this release is that it does include one extra that's actually in 3D. It's an alternate/deleted scene of the "Mom-Napping" experience.

If you want to throw caution to the wind, "Mars Needs Moms" is currently available on Amazon. Before you make that purchase, however, you may want to check out our

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Disney to Release 4 BD Titles in 3D this Fall

Lately any news coming from the world of 3D seems to be negative.  Disney is however providing some good news amid the bleak news that's dogged the technology through the summer of 2011.

The media giant recently announced that on Nov. 8 it will release 3D versions of Bolt, Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Little and G-Force into the home video market.

Disney will package the titles as Disney Blu-ray Combo Packs with 3D and 2D Blu-ray discs bundled with DVD and/or mobile download versions of the movies. Disney says the release of these videos meets the demands of a diverse market that consumes media in a variety of ways. "In early January, Disney announced an aggressive plan to bring a wide variety of 3D content to consumers' in-home experience," says Lori MacPherson, executive vice president, global product management, The Walt Disney Studios. "These latest Disney Blu-ray 3D releases all deliver the most superior in-home 3D viewing capabilities and by offering the films in

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'Nurse 3D' Admits Two to the Cast

A few weeks back, we heard that "Boardwalk Empire" star Paz De La Huerta had been cast as the lead in Lionsgate's "Nurse 3D." Now, the studio has announced two new additions to the horror film's cast.

First, Lionsgate announced that "30 Rock" star Katrina Bowden would join the film. It sounds like she is going to be another hot nurse, who also lures unsuspecting men to their deaths. Bowden is becoming a bit of a 3D regular; she is also set to star in "Piranha 3DD."   

Last week, the studio came out with the news that Corbin Bleu would also join the cast. He will play the boyfriend to Bowden's character, who is a paramedic. Bleu is best known for his work in the "High School Musical" franchise, so this will be quite a departure.

Right now, there's no word on when "Nurse 3D" will hit theaters.

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The London Olympics May Be in 3D

Cue the Olympics theme song and the 3D glasses. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 2012 London Olympics will be broadcast in 3D.

Details are slightly sketchy, but as many as 10 venues could be covered by 3D cameras. It could also mean that BBC 3D viewers will get the chance to view live 3D events, which would then be licensed to other outlets. NBC has the rights to air the event in the U.S.

While no official announcement has been made, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that this coverage will happen. We've seen plenty of 3D sporting events in the past. Why not go for the big one?

The 2012 Olympics Games will run from July 27 through Aug 12, 2012.

Sony Announces 3D Monitor Kit Release Date

If the cost of entry into the world of 3D is too much, then Sony has a solution for owners of its popular Playstation 3 (PS3) entertainment system.

The technology enthusiast website Technabob.com is reporting that PS3 owners that would like to play 3D games and watch 3D movies and other content will soon have the ability to purchase its PlayStation 3D Monitor Kit.

Announced earlier this year at the E3 gaming trade show, the $500 kit has a supposed ship date of December 31 and it includes a 24-inch monitor with multiple HDMI inputs and built-in speakers; a pair of active 3D glasses and a copy of the game Motorstorm Apocalypse.

Technabob.com says additional glasses for the system will cost $70 per pair, and consumers can pre-order the system on Amazon.com.

'Final Destination 5' Will Open in IMAX

As if you needed "Final Destination 5" to be more in your face; the film is getting the IMAX treatment.

IMAX made a joint announcement with Warner Bros., saying that the film will be released in 223 domestic and select international IMAX 3D digital theaters. This is a first for the franchise; no other "Final Destination" film has been shown in IMAX.

"Seeing 'Final Destination 5' in IMAX 3D will make this an entirely new experience for even the most die-hard fan," said Dan Fellman, president of Warner Bros. Pictures domestic distribution. "With the sheer size of the screen and the added intensity of IMAX 3D, this won't be for the faint of heart. But for those who love a good scare, it's not to be missed."

"Final Destination 5" stars Nicholas D'Agosto, Miles Fisher and Emma Bell, all trying to cheat Death once again. Apparently, Death isn't too crazy about that.

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LG Bundles Cinema 3D TV with Blu-ray Player and Glasses

It's not holiday shopping time already is it? It must be, because LG just released a package deal I want for Christmas.

All in one box LG is now offering a 55-inch LW5300 3D LED LCD TV with a Blu-ray player and four sets of passive 3D glasses for $1,899 (Hey, LG, toss in four more glasses and you've got a deal). Even better, Best Buy is currently cutting the deal down to $1,599.

Neither the info from LG nor the Best Buy website say anything particular about the Blu-ray player, but the TV we do know. It (and its 47-inch little brother) is a 120Hz LED TV with ISFccc mode, local dimming (via edge backlighting) and built-in Picture Wizard II feature to optimize the image. Unlike its smarter cousin, the LW5600 (read review here), it does not include any online smart TV features. The Best Buy page lists an Ethernet port on the specs, which may refer to the Blu-ray player, so perhaps you can stream Netflix that way (we'll update when we get a confirmation from LG).

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Kim K is the World's First 3D Magazine Cover Model

It's amazing how famous someone can actually become for doing nothing.

TV reality star and fashion entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, has taken full advantage of her accidental entry into the world of adult films and parlayed it into a thriving enterprise that now includes her debut as the "world's first 3D magazine cover model."

Several entertainment and celebrity gossip sites, including the British-based site UK.ibtimes.com, are reporting the 30-year-old Kardashian recently posed for a photo shoot that included cover images for the World's Most Beautiful magazine.

In the soon-to-be-released publication, the model/reality star posed in several revealing outfits, and according to E! Online, the purpose of the photo shoot wasn't fully revealed to Kardashian. For the shoot Kardashian worked with photographer Nick Saglimbeni in a California mining town to take the photos. "I work with Nick all the time and he is my favorite photographer," says Kardashian in a story on the website

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