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Blu-ray 3D We Want for 2011 (Page 6 of 8)

Jackass 3D

Paramount had a not-so-surprise hit on their hands last October. Raking in $169 million at the box office showed that even after all these years, watching a Lamborghini pull a man's tooth was still funny. A nice hook was that this one was released in 3D. Sadly, at-home audiences won’t get the same magic. The upcoming Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and the limited edition two-disc DVD have an anaglyph 3D version of the movie, which can be viewed through one of the four pairs of included paper glasses. Now ain't that a kick in the groin. [Photo: © 2010 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.]

Blu-ray 3D Release Date: March 8, 2011

Read our review of the theatrical release of Jackass 3D.

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