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How to Train Your Dragon 3D Review

Kids of all ages can appreciate the sentiment that dragon trumps dog, cat, fish, or any other pet possibilities. So it's no wonder that How to Train Your Dragon reclaimed the top box-office spot in its fifth week of release.

The story is simple: Hiccup is an awkward Viking teen, voiced perfectly by Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, She's Out of My League). He wants kill a dragon so he can get a girlfriend, as well as the respect of his dad (Gerard Butler) and live the life of a true Viking. Basically, that involves the occasional grog and the mindset that the only good dragon is a dead dragon. Problem is, Hiccup is no killer. Instead, he injures and befriends one of the deadliest beasts of the lot. Soon, he discovers how dragons can be a boy's best friend, and make for a killer ride to boot.

What could have been another hokey, pokey dance through animation is actually a big deal for DreamWorks. While the studio probably has a better chance of catching a real dragon than catching up with Pixar's success, Dragon is an overwhelming success for the studio as well as the advancement of 3D technology.

Dragon is truly a shining example of how 3D can actually be a good thing, as well as worth the price of admission. Key 3D scenes show that a dragon's nest can be downright nasty, and the forest scenery is nothing short of phenomenal. Aerial shots are breathtaking, and fish pop off the screen, as does the ash from the film's climatic scene. Of course, we also can't express how cool those fat Viking beards look. Thanks, 3D!

The dragon, probably deserved a better name than Toothless. However, he could not have received better animation. Filmmakers Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, modeled the cuddly, fire-breathing creature after Stitch, the duo's other cuddle, creepy character from 2002's Lilo & Stitch.

While How to Train Your Dragon doesn't break any ground story-wise, it works. Even better, the 3D works -- and it's well worth a few extra bucks to witness.

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