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"Titans" Director Not too Pleased with 3D

Louis Leterrier Clash of the Titans took home $61.2 million at the box office last weekend. That kind of haul earned it the number one spot on the charts. So why is director Louis Leterrier so unhappy?

Well, apparently, he was not a fan of the 3D. "Listen, it was not my intention to do it in 3D; it was not my decision to convert it in 3D," said Leterrier at the movie's premiere (via Reuters). "Now, people love 3D. People will go see it in 3D, and it will play in 3D; it's like a ride."

He then went on to say, "Remember the technology was not ready, so it's Warner Bros saying we are giving you the best of what we can do."

Meanwhile, he doesn't seem to care that the movie only has 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes -- which means bad 3D might be the least of his worries. We just might have to go see this thing to see how bad the 3D (and the movie) actually is.

Leterrier's other credits include The Incredible Hulk (the Edward Norton one) and Transporter 2.

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