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"Final Destination" Director Bites into "Shark Night 3D"

Jaws 3-DTime to get out the blow-up kiddie pool. Shark Night 3D will be coming to theaters fairly soon to scare the bejesus out of you. And we were just getting over the whole Jaws thing...

According to Deadline, director David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) will start shooting the 3D flick this summer. Incentive Filmed Entertainment is putting up $28 million for the project.

Aside from Snakes, you might recognize Ellis as the director of The Final Destination, another 3D gorefest. Based on that adventure, we're guessing you might want to wear an apron for all of the flinging bloody body parts.

Two of the many script writers worked on Hostel and the reboot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That tidbit might help you draw a few conclusions. We just hope it does more for 3D sharks than Jaws 3-D. At least the sharks should look a lot cooler than we remember. Walt Conti, who worked on the Free Willy films, has signed on to do the animatronics.

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